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Mr Mavericke welcomes you to the short-term accommodation service.  Here, you may explore hospitality options to suit exactly your needs, curated by people with a network of contacts and direct experience in the location and service possibilities you seek.

With a focus on quality and value, Mr Mavericke makes it his mission to find the best possible options for your consideration.

Apartments & mansions

For those who require longer-term accommodation, self-catering and with privacy, a home-away-from-home and a measure of independence, Mr Mavericke’s range of apartment and home options can be booked here.

For those on business, our sites are all well within convenient, easy reach of major business hubs and arterial highways.

We look forward to assisting in your tourism requirements too.

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Glamping holidays

Glamping is a contraction for the phrase ‘glamorous camping’.
As might be expected, these are no ordinary camping holidays, bringing much of the luxury and convenience of conventional holiday accommodation into play, yet retaining the immersive ‘nature experience’.

To explore this must unusual of holidaying options, click here.

Hotel reservations

You may brief us on your requirements by clicking here.

We pride ourselves on offering a more personalised hotel booking service than the big-scale automated platforms.  We will ask you about the details in your requirements and more accurately identify options by a strategic combination of location, service spectrum and cost, to more accurately place you in comfort and peace-of-mind.

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We at Mr Mavericke Concierge look forward to being instrumental in creating lasting memories for you, whether for business or leisure. Inquire with us now!

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