So, what is a concierge service?

A concierge is an individual or a company whose core business incorporates assistance, be it on a personal, corporate or diplomat level.

Such services may include personal assistance or any other convenience services such as close protection, household management, lifestyle coordination, transportation, travel and vacation planning, etc. and provides such personalized services to its clients (usually high-net-worth clients) at a variable price.

The idea is to save the time of the client by performing their routine or specialized tasks.

Mr Mavericke is, in effect, your right hand man, the party you think of when you wish someone could take the trivialities off your shoulders so that you can concentrate on the really important things.


To itemize, Mr Mavericke can arrange ‘African experience’ tours for your family, business associates or overseas guests, arrange airfares, hire private aircraft, arrange hotel or short-term residential accommodation, provide business services such as legislative establishment, formation of company or product brands (graphic design), strategy, messenger and courier services and so on.

On the entertainment front, Mr Mavericke can book ticketsor arrange VIP access for events, shows & sports events and arrangereservations at fine dining establishments or provide catering services.

On the home front, we can provide concierge medical,undertake Dry cleaning & laundry, housekeeping and residential maintenanceservices, house and pet sitting, personal security and provide educationspecialists.

Finally, on the health, fitness and sporting front, MrMavericke arranges Fitness trainers, Golf tee-off times, spa reservations andthe like.

Oh, and did we mention, you can challenge us to provideanything you might think of and we are confident to rise to the occasion.  We look forward to helping you with what youneed or require.

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